One week to go

The excitement level is rising, frantic packing for both personal and scientific gear is underway. Everyone is very busy. While New England has gone into full on spring mode, with color and warmth everywhere, we are headed south to study krill in the southern ocean. Just in time to catch another very late autumn. Leaving the tulips behind, we revert to fewer daylight hours, as little as 4 hours of daylight when we hit our research area, the Western Antarctic Peninsula. The goal of our project is to see how krill, the small crustaceans that hold a pivotal role in the Antarctic food web, survive in different seasons, including late fall/winter. We want to determine how active they are, where krill swarms reside, whether and how much they move, both vertically and horizontally, and how much and what they feed on. It is a big project and we have assembled a large team of collaborators. We’ll be sharing our experience through daily blog entries. Until we leave however, there will be frantic decision making. Did I ship the right caps for the sampling tubes? Should I bring a picture of a tulip?

-Susanne Menden-Deuer

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4 thoughts on “One week to go

  1. purplesurfcat

    It seems that your cruise acronym is appropriate for your state of mind during preparations.

  2. Jeannine Fons

    Greetings to you Susanne! Thank goodness there are brilliant scientists looking out for the health of our dear Earth ! I will be following your journey. Your “auntie”.

  3. Anita Blackman

    It’s wonderful to have blog writers to journal about your trip! Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated. I’m excited for all of you and praying for a safe, productive, and fabulous trip! Bethany’s aunt.

  4. Martha Jenkins (Bethany's Mom)

    Hope you all have a wonderful trip! Thanks, Susanne, for the description of your research. Martha, Bethany’s Mom

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