Live camera captures krill and seafloor

This is a photomosaic of the seafloor taken in about 500 meters of water. The complete image is made by combining many smaller overlapping photos. Underwater you can’t take a single large image. You can see the corners of the original images. Chris’s student Dave made this image. Dave is working on this type of image processing for his masters degree.


This is a single image of the seafloor. We have been looking at the bottom to see if there are krill on the bottom.


This is typical image showing a few krill swimming in front of the camera system.


This is a krill swarm close to the bottom.


This image shows a swarm of krill very close to the bottom. You can see the bottom in the background of the image and a lot of krill in a tight swarm on the right side. We are not sure what the krill are doing on the bottom.


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