Photos from Andvord Bay

Here are some more photo updates from our crew in Antarctica!

Rich is helping prepare the mega core.  This device can recover small sections of bottom sediment and the water just above it.  It is important to sample both the bottom and the water to see what is happening at the boundary.


Jeremy and Mackenzie are getting ready to deploy the camera system. They are both ship technicians that help us deploy and recover equipment.  Most importantly they make sure everything we do is safe.


Another amazing sunset looking north from Andvord Bay.


Julie is getting ready to bring the CTD on board the ship through the Baltic room door.  The Baltic room is heated to keep the water samples from freezing in the cold outside air.


Julie is peeking out of the Baltic room waiting for the CTD to reach the surface.


These are sample images from the FlowCam instrument.  This instrument takes pictures of tiny plankton that are in a concentrated water sample.  The water is pumped through the instrument in the lab on the ship.  The camera can see things ranging in size from 10 microns to 250 microns.  10 microns is about 0.00039 inches.


The winds chased us out of Andvord Bay and brought in some impressive clouds.


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