I am writing this blog post from the same place I wrote the last blog post – Dallas Fort-Worth Airport. The flight to Santiago last night was cancelled, apparently due to mechanical difficulties with the plane. So, Caitlin, Gabby, and I, got sent to an airport hotel, and booked on the same flight the next day. It’s very frustrating, since I was looking forward to Punta Arenas, and have lots of work to do, almost none of which can be done from Texas. We made the best of it though, and after a good night’s sleep went out to explore!


Our first stop was a hike in River Legacy Park. The park is beautiful, with circuitous trails traveling between nobly trees and low shrubs. Walking along admiring the trees we almost tripped over a wild armadillo! We saw a few more armadillos on the rest of the hike as well. They are amazing creatures, so well adapted to their habitat, with hard exteriors, and long noses for rooting in the leaves. It was really special to me getting to see these animals in the wild.

After our hike and some lunch, we headed over to the arboretum, and explored the tropical rainforest greenhouse, complete with fruiting coffee and chocolate trees, and plenty of flowers and ferns!


Now we’re back at the airport, with high hopes for Punta Arenas on the morrow!


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