Active Antarcticans!

As you might have noticed on our profile pages, many of us enjoy playing sports in our normal lives in the US. On a boat, many of the sports we would play at home are not really possible; there’s just not space to go for a run, or play a soccer game. But we find other ways to be active.

Squeezing a few minutes of exercise into a busy day of science can be tricky, but many of us find it helps us work better. There’s a gym on board, and many people make use of the bike, treadmill, weights, and rowing machine. Chris got a competition going for the rowing machine – with various random categories in which to race, including a category only for people who can name all the species of penguins and seals in Antarctica, and a category only for people who can juggle three or more objects.

Matt also set up a ping-pong table in the hold, and there’s a ship-wide ping-pong tournament underway! We’re playing doubles, right now we’re in round-robin style play. When there are waves it adds an interesting element to the game, since when the ship rolls the ping-pong ball stays on its flight path but the table moves underneath it and the ball ends up in unexpected places.

My preferred form of exercise on the ship is jumping rope outside on the helicopter deck. I love the chance to be outside and watch the ice and the mountains, and breath in the crisp Antarctic air, while stretching my legs and getting my brain in gear for a busy day of science!

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