Ring nets all night long!

Last night we did a survey of Flandres Bay plankton using ring nets. The ring net is exactly what it sounds like – a net that has a metal ring around the top. We were using our 1 meter diameter ring net last night. The ring net doesn’t let us collect samples at different depths like the MOCNESS does, but it is much faster and simpler, and it lets us take samples in more different places so that we can get a clearer picture of where different plankton are. Starting yesterday afternoon and ending around breakfast this morning we did twelve ring nets all across Flandres Bay. We worked as a team, so I did a few net tows in the early afternoon, then Ted and Maria did several, and at night Iain and Michelle took over. While we were going from one of our sampling places to the next one an iceberg came right past the side of the ship!

Today we did some sampling in Andvord Bay, but since we didn’t find very many krill, decided it was time to continue on our way. Now we’re headed for Wilhelmina Bay, and are looking forward to sampling there tonight. It’s really interesting coming back to these bays where we worked in the very beginning of the cruise, and seeing how a few weeks later into the summer changes what kind of and how much phytoplankton there is in the water.

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