Bransfield Day

Today we are sampling the Bransfield Strait. We’ve transited through the Bransfield several times as we move between the different bays we’ve been sampling, but we haven’t yet stopped to really see what’s going on in the Strait. Today we’re going to collect water samples and plankton samples at 4 points along a line going down the Strait. We’re interested in seeing what organisms are moving through the Strait. Water samples will also help us to understand whether the organisms we see are choosing to be in a particular spot, or if they are just being pushed along by the water.

We’ve only got a few days left here in Antarctica. Some people are stressed about collecting enough data by the end of the trip. Some people are looking forward to the comforts and freedom of life on land. I’m trying to absorb as much Antarctica as I can; maybe if I look closely enough at the penguins and mountains and krill, when I’m back in the US I can close my eyes and “be” back here.

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