Land Ho!

After a smooth crossing of the Drake Passage, this morning we came in sight of Cape Horn at the southern end of South America. We’ve still got over a day of transiting north along the coast before we get to the dock. We’re busy getting everything ready to ship back to the US. All the equipment has to be packed, with labels and export compliant packing lists. We also have to make sure everything gets input into MOCA, the Marine Operations Cargo Application, which we use to track all of our items as they ship back from Chile to Rhode Island. Samples have to be packed up too, with every jar double taped around the lid to make sure nothing leaks, then jars packed into bags with absorbent material in-case something does leak, and with lots of official accompanying paperwork for both Chilean and US officials. Yesterday we had the last of our weekly fire/emergency drills, complete with filling out our entry into Chile paperwork, and our last liquid nitrogen ice cream for the trip (sweet tea and raspberry this time). Michelle is also busy making the cruise music video – trying to get scientists to dance is a bit of a challenge. Outside the ship, Royal Albatrosses and Cape Petrels are swooping along above the wave crests.

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