I am a PhD student at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of
Oceanography, where I study plankton food web dynamics. I am particularly
interested in some unicellular organisms known as heterotrophic protists, a group
of voracious herbivores of the sea. Although these organisms are tiny and can only
be seen under a high microscope magnification, their feeding activities greatly
influence cycles of elements important for the functioning of our biosphere, such as
oxygen, and carbon dioxide. How much plankton eat, who eats whom, what drives
these interactions, and how all of it may change as ocean conditions are changing,
is what I like to spend a great deal of my time trying to measure and understand. I
particularly like doing fieldwork at sea, so I am really excited about this upcoming
voyage and can’t wait to discover Antarctica.

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  1. Celine Riquelme

    Bon Voyage! Hope you made it OK to PA after that long trip. The adventure starts now….

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