Rachel Greene

My name is Rachel Greene and I am in my last semester receiving a Bachelor of Science from UMass Boston in Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Sciences with a concentration in biological oceanography and conservation. I enjoy reading, illustrations, vegetarian cooking, interior design, and of course, oceanography. Marine mammalogy has been my goal since I was 5 and I am incredibly grateful and excited for this opportunity that has been given to me. I can’t wait to see the landscape of Antarctica and Patagonia and look forward to the wildlife the most!

On this cruise I will be using the acoustic doppler current profiler to use sound backscattering to determine characteristics about krill swarms. Trawls will also be conducted as to compare size to distribution. I am also the unofficial whale scientist onboard, which simply means trying to count and observe the cetacean populations in the area. This count will help us understand the krill swarm at hand and how foraging behaviors affect it. I will also be running and contributing to many social media outreaches to the community including our UMass website, facebook, flickr, and wordpress. The website and facebook will be most informative and will also have links leading to the other sites. There will be everything from video tours of the icebreaker, the N.B. Palmer, to daily blogs and current conditions. Let me know what else you’d like to know of our cruise!

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